Sunday, May 06, 2018

Why is Project Gridless more popular?

Okay so here is the thing, I have multiple blogs. Quite a few in fact and I really should get rid of a few that I don't update that often.

My Search for a Home has a sibling blog called "Project Gridless" which is about off the grid living, covering everything from off grid real estate to gardening to fishing to hunting to survivalism to various outdoor activities associated with off grid living.

My dream home frankly would be to have an off grid horse farm where I could raise horses, go riding regularly and do lots of archery outdoors (and open a horse riding / equestrian archery school). So that is my dream home right there, and it would be amazing.

Years ago I did my whole "Quest for a Condo" and it never really panned out. Now I am married, I have a son, and I have different priorities. Raising my son on a horse farm would be a dream come true.

So it should probably come as no surprise to you the reader that Project Gridless, being nearer and dearer to my dreams, has also seen a lot more blog posts.

A hundred more in fact.

As of today, My Search for a Home has 185 posts (186 if you count this one I am writing right now).

Project Gridless meanwhile has 285 posts. A testament to me spending a lot more time writing on the various topics that have made Project Gridless popular.

How about popularity is Project Gridless?

Sadly I am not quite sure. There is a glitch in the My Search for a Home blog statistics that says there was way more hits than there really was. So I need to use a different measuring stick.

Instead the reason why I know Project Gridless is more popular is because of the Google advertising revenue, which has thus far been 5 times more profitable than its sibling website.

So does this mean I will be getting rid of My Search for a Home ?

Doubtful. Too many of the topics in it pertain to specific aspects of the real estate industry that I cannot simply export it and import it and make it part of Project Gridless. Many of the posts would end up being off topic.

If I made a different blog that includes real estate as a topic, maybe then it would be better. But then it wouldn't be a niche topic any more and could end up being a website that is too broad a topic.

There are other blogs I should probably get rid of. The rarely updated, seldom used blogs that could be exported and imported to a more popular blog that is on the same or similar topic. But I don't think this one is one of those.

So for now I am keeping this one.

And maybe someday "My Quest for a Condo" will transform into "My Quest for a Horse Farm". Whatever. It is fine by me.

Want to have some fun? Go Google the following:

horse farm for sale ontario

There is even a real estate website just for horse farms at Pretty nice.

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