Saturday, July 30, 2016

One Unusual Way to get a House Cheap

Want to buy a house which is guaranteed to be cheaper than similar houses on the market?

Option 1: Buy the former house of a murderer.

Eg. Paul Bernardo for example. The notorious serial killer.

The house shown on the right is 57 Bayview Drive in Port Dalhousie.

It is Paul Bernardo's former house. It was purchased and torn down, with a new building being built on the lot that looks very different.

Or here is another example...

Option 2: Buy a house where the former owners were murdered by the mafia.

Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered by members of the Rizzuto crime family in their North York home. Their bodies were found near their basement swimming pool with their necks tied by belts to a railing.

The property (shown below) was later purchased for relatively cheap, the buildings torn down and the new buildings erected, but if the new owners had been fine with swimming in the pool where they had been murdered (I know it sounds creepy) they could have just let it be. Or just get rid of the pool and just have a really large rec room or garage in the basement.

Tear Down, Build Fresh?

Now you may be noticing a trend here.

The new buyers typically always end up tearing the old house down and building a brand new home.

They might keep the foundation, but if the murders happened in the basement the foundation will likely be destroyed too and a new foundation will be built.

Which means the property is ripe for people looking to renovate a building and then flip the property as an investment. Especially if a decent amount of time has passed and the property no longer looks like the previous building.

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