Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vegan Friendly Neighbourhoods in Toronto

If you are a vegan, finding a neighbourhood in Toronto that is more friendly to vegans is really a matter of being closer to amenities.

Amenities like:

Grocery stores that cater to vegans like The Big Carrot, The Sweet Potato, Noah's Natural Foods, etc.

Restaurants that cater to vegans like Rawlicious, Fresh, etc.

Community gardens.

Public parks.

In the future there might even be vegan private schools, or possibly even public specialty schools catering to vegans (Toronto has a lot of specialty schools).

And in the words of an acquaintance who was a vegetarian for 11 years "Well considering vegans are often affluent white people they would probably also want yoga centres, spiritual centres like a Hare Krishna Temple nearby, an electric car charging station, or a BIXI bicycle station..."

"Veganism is the prerogative of affluent people who have the time and money to spend on the time consuming processes of buying fresh vegetables all the time, preparing the food and so forth. In contrast poor people are often eating processed foods, overweight and have to eat whatever is handy because they have less time and money available."

So lets take for example the neighbourhood of High Park North / Roncesvalles area - or as I like to call it "The Vegan Village".

High Park North / Roncesvalles is a hub for vegans, vegan restaurants, vegan friendly grocery stores, etc.

Restaurants / grocery stores in the Vegan Village include:

Lunch Box
Soup n' Such Cafe
Bunner's Bake Shop
The Sweet Potato
The Best Organic Cafe + Market
Magic Oven
Gourmet Vegan Pizza
The Thai Cuisine
Mersin Mediterranean Cuisine
Foods For Life
Max's Market
Cafe Novo
Pho Huong

There is also the Hogtown Vegan further east of the Vegan Village. So regardless of whether you are looking for a raw vegan restaurant or a vegan organic pizza parlour then living in the Vegan Village has you covered.

And those are just the places I could find listed online. Plenty more of those of you hang out in the neighbourhood and discover the many other places there which cater to vegans. The Vegan Village will likely be the site of a future vegan school.

If you are looking for a new place to live you can browse homes / apartments in High Park North on the Royal LePage website. Same goes if you want to browse homes / apartments in Roncesvalles.

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