Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Renovations, Staging and Solar

If you are looking to sell your home one of the increasingly popular things to do these days is to hire a home stager. They come into your home with furniture, art work and make your home more like a model home...

However before you can hire a home stager you might want to consider having some renovations done and adding some things people would be willing to pay extra for.

#1. Better Insulation.

When you consider that there is now government incentives like the Ontario MicroFIT program then there really is little excuse for not renovating your home before selling it.

There is also a lot more technological options these days that are far more cost effective at saving people money, like rigid foam insulation and wall systems.

#2. Solar Power

Solar power is not as expensive as people once thought it was. See the following sites:

The Solar Powered Myth

Solar Power Becoming Profitable

Yada yada yada, regardless of what you think of solar power it is an opportunity for homeowners to add something extra to their home which will allow them to ask for a much higher asking price.

The good thing is that thanks to technological innovations solar power is becoming cheaper. Better manufacturing techniques and manufacturing software allows companies to be more competitive and offer products at cheaper rates than they used to.

#3. Geothermal

See the following site I wrote about Geothermal Heating Systems.

Of course I suppose its possible people might be desperate to sell in a hurry and unable to reach an agreement regarding any renovations and improvements, like in the case of a divorce. They could get a marriage counsellor I suppose, but if all else fails they could at least try to agree on some small renovations just to increase their asking price.

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