Thursday, July 15, 2010

Superstition and Homebuying

Some people who are superstitious would prefer to avoid a house with a history... ie. its supposedly haunted. Wooooooooo... spooky! Others might actually think that is a bonus and want to live there even more.

I bring this is up because according to the following article, "When is the Best Time to Buy a Home in Toronto?", the best time of year to buy a house is Christmas Day.

Its easy to guess why. There's zero competition because so few people shop for homes around Christmas time, people are in good mood, they're feeling generous (unless their last name is Scrooge) and if they're trying to sell their home during the Christmas season they're probably pretty serious about it.

But there's also the superstitious element, a topic which the above article leaves out. 85% of Canadians are religious. Even amongst non-believers and atheists many people (including myself) still believe in luck. (I realize that is hypocritical, but the belief in luck is more difficult to shake.)

Imagine for example your real estate calls up on Christmas Day... you've been trying to sell your house for three months now. The call comes around 11 AM Christmas morning... the children have opened their stockings, everyone has had breakfast already, you're all in a good mood from eating lots of chocolate... then the call comes. You pick up the phone expecting a friendly greeting from a relative who is calling. But wait, its not your annoying relatives, its the real estate agent calling to say someone has made a bid on your house! They've made an offer!

You look at your spouse. You tell them the good news. The children are suddenly quiet, because they know someone special has happened.

"What is the offer?" you ask.

Your agent tells you. You tell him you'll call him back shortly after you and your spouse have a chat. You discuss it in private. You both wonder if this is some kind of sign. You've been trying unsuccessfully to sell your home and finally you have an offer on Christmas Day. It almost feels like divine intervention and you wonder if it would be foolish to refuse. You call the real estate agent back. You accept the offer.

"Okay, we'll draw up the paperwork tomorrow. Have a good Christmas!" says the real estate agent.

In other news the worst time of the year to buy a house is Spring time, because the market is flooded and there is also lots of competition and bidding on the houses. Otherwise the best season is Summer because its a slow season and most people go on vacation or relax during between June and August... less competition means more likely your low bid will be accepted. People are more relaxed in August and if their home has been on the market since April they may be getting impatient to sell.

In this case its not about location. Its timing, timing, timing.

Superstitions to Buy or Sell a Home

Put a pinch of salt in every corner of every room on the day you move in.

Bury half of an onion on either side of the front door to ward off bad luck.

To sell a home that’s not getting any offers, bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your yard. Once the home sells, be sure to dig up poor St. Joseph and put him in a place of honor in the garden.

Bring your cat to a home you’re interested in, and send him out into the yard. If he comes running back, quickly, the house is unlucky. If the cat stays a while, put in an offer because even your cat likes the place!

If you’ve bought a home that you feel is your dream home, make sure the first person to enter the home carries bread (or rice), salt and a new broom into the home. Never bring an old broom into your home because it bring bad spirits with it.

If you’re looking at a new home, or are showing the home, make sure you and your guests enter and exit using the same door you entered.

When selling a home, try the “baking chocolate chip cookies” trick. Try cutting lemons or dabbing vanilla on light bulbs also.

You should never move in on a Friday, or when the moon is waxing. Wednesdays or Saturdays are the best days for moving.

Placing a comb under your bed will bring you prosperity and luck – this works whether you’re buying or selling.

When showing your home, put fennel over the door jams to keep out negativity.

Many Chinese people also believe the number 4 is a bad omen. Just like Westerners don't like the number 13. Westerners prefer the number 7, whereas many Asians believe 6 and 8 are lucky. (See also Numerology.)

Feng Shui Tips to Sell Your Home

Put fresh yellow flowers in the living room, hall or dining room. Turn a light on each empty room for at least 3 hours a day.

Hang a small brass bell on a red ribbon outside the front door.

In the south and southwest areas of the home, place yellow and fiery colored square or oblong rugs.

In the west area of the home, use lots of metal, brass or copper accents and white, cream and grey tones to symbolically add strength and new opportunities.

Place TVs, stereos and other electrical items in the northeast part of your home.

Keep plants out of the bedrooms, but do make sure you match either side of the bed – including side tables and reading lamps.

Don’t forget the importance of mirrors in feng shui. Mirrors work best in the east, southeast and the north areas of the home.

Make sure you put potted flowering plants outside of your entrance, and keep the outside lights on all night.

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