Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Prefabricated Skyscrapers being built in record times

Imagine if you could buy and build a skyscraper in record time - in the same manner that you build furniture from Ikea.

That is the mantra behind a growing trend in the architecture industry, building prefabricated skyscrapers that have all the parts built in a factory and then are assembled on site in a record time frame.

The trend is growing quickly - and building quickly - in major cities around the globe, including New York and London, where the realization that such buildings can be built faster, cheaper and better by using prefabrication.

For example in the video below you can watch a Chinese construction crew building a new 30 story skyscraper in 360 hours - just 15 days.

And what is more...

Prefabricated buildings are cheaper to build - thanks to saving $$$ on construction workers who often spend half their time on the job standing around waiting for cement and materials to arrive - and then waiting for the cement to dry.

Prefabricated buildings are better quality - because factories have higher quality building standards whereas construction crews sometimes make mistakes and have to use a quick fix to solve a problem.

But the biggest change is SPEED, because prefabricated buildings are really fast to build. All the materials are built in a factory on production lines (which is more time efficient) and the construction crews just need to assemble and attach the final pieces.

What this means is that people could build whole new cities in a hurry if we wanted to, by using factories to build the parts.

The biggest delay is building the foundation of the structure, which would be unchanged from the current methods - but maybe in the future a genius will come up with a faster and more effective way to build foundations too.

Lastly, prefabricated buildings don't have to be boring. They're like Lego. You can make them look like any number of shapes and the technology is there to modify how you want a structure to look. We are only limited by our imaginations to design something better.

I think this is a trend we will see a lot more of in the future.

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