Friday, September 06, 2013

Condo Gyms and Pools

When buying a condo everyone wants a gym or a pool in the building.

But then once they have it many people forget to use it.

Just like many people forget to exercise regularly.

You wouldn't pay for a gym membership and then not use it, would you?

What about a pool membership at the YMCA?

Honestly you'd probably go 2 months without going to the gym or the pool and then realize it is a waste of money and then cancel your membership.

Which means why would you purchase a condo in a building with a gym and a pool - when you KNOW, in your heart, you probably are not going to use it.

Condo buildings with gyms and pools have higher maintenance costs due to the extra amenities. That is a given. So you are paying extra to live there - and if you are not using the gym or pool then you are really throwing your money away.

And Toronto condos are expensive enough already without you squandering your money on amenities you don't need.

Which gives you two solutions.

#1. Don't buy a condo with a gym or pool unless you are ALREADY a fitness buff and exercise regularly. Otherwise you probably will only use the amenities once or twice per year.

After all if the condo gym is mostly spin class equipment you could just buy a bicycle instead and bicycle outside.

#2. Hire a personal trainer to come to your condo 4 to 8 times per month.

Honestly, hiring a personal trainer in Toronto guarantees that you will end up using the amenities you are paying for. This way you can guarantee that you will BECOME a fitness buff and actually use the gym and pool you are paying for.

If you don't do this many people who try to exercise by themselves often lose motivation and fall off the proverbial wagon after awhile. Having a schedule to keep and a personal trainer who is tracking your progress, giving you advice, making sure you stay on schedule - well that just guarantees you stick with it.

Otherwise your condo gym will likely stay dark and empty and barely used.

Condo pools and gyms are designed to attract condo buyers. They're like fancy advertising aimed at selling you something that you want [the attractive body that comes with exercising regularly] by getting you to pay extra for something you don't really plan to use.

And then once you have it, it takes up space and you rarely use it - but you are paying through the nose in maintenance fees.

Which means that if you've already purchased a condo with a gym / pool then going the personal trainer route and becoming a fitness buff is the best way to take advantage of your investment.

Otherwise you've just fallen for the oldest trick in the history of marketing: Buy this and you will get a attractive body and then attract similarly attractive people to you.

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