Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Video + Photo of the Retro Red Raleigh Mixte Bicycle for Trade

If you've been following My Quest for a Condo (a quest wherein I attempt to trade items again and again for something bigger and better until I eventually get a condo in Toronto) and wanting to see more photos and a video of the Retro Red Raleigh Mixte Bicycle from my 2nd trade then here you go!

Also at some point I should mention the bicycle is a 10-speed, in case any of you were wondering. Its from 1980s and retro bikes from the 1980s are highly desirable now.

I am looking to trade it for something in the $200 to $300+ range. So if anyone out there has guitar, scuba equipment, a chainsaw or something else interesting that is bigger and better then I am entertaining all offers. I am also entertaining offers of services. ie. When Kyle MacDonald did this one trade was a recording contract and another trade was one year's rent in Phoenix, Arizona. So offers of trades for lawyer services, recording contracts and similar things will be of interest to me.

Also no trade is TOO WEIRD. As long as its something that is highly valuable and tradeable I am interested. Signed hockey cards of Wayne Gretzky would probably go down quite well but I also like the idea of a guitar or chainsaw.


I have been receiving some interesting offers so far. Including:

#1. A collection of Magic the Gathering Cards (a collectible card game with a magical theme). Difficult to estimate their exact value. I am waiting for the owner to get back with an estimate.

#2. An offer of $250 worth of beadwork from a Toronto artist.

#3. 2 Metal Contraptions that I don't even know what they're for or what they're worth.

#4. A 3rd generation 8GB iPod. Only worth about $110, so that is a no go.

#5. An Antique Bulova Pocket Watch that is Pre-1940s, believed to be circa 1925. Value estimate $250 to $350, but the owner needs to do more research because I would like to pin down the manufacturing year and get a 2nd opinion on the value before I agree to the trade. (Where is the Antiques Roadshow when I need it?)

There are also several other possible trade offers I am not at liberty to discuss yet. I am holding off trading right away because of all the recent media attention from the National Post and CBC Radio.

When Kyle MacDonald did this there was gaps of roughly 1 month in between trades so I don't expect to be trading any more often that once every 2 to 5 weeks.

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