Monday, October 18, 2010

Georgetown Homes near Brampton

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Today I posted an article on Product Reviews Canada about Looking for Homes in Georgetown. I probably should have posted it on HERE, but whatever, I am not writing it over again. So please go have a look at the article, especially if you're also considering buying a home in Georgetown (near Brampton) and then commuting to Toronto.

The housing development in Georgetown (Weavers Mill - Georgetown Homes) I am interested is in downtown Georgetown, very close to the Go station and shopping locations and also a stone's throw from Brampton. Very convenient.

And the prices of homes in Georgetown are SOOOO cheap compared to Toronto or even Brampton. A Weavers Mill townhome costs a mere $289,990 whereas in Brampton or Mississauga it would cost you $500,000 or more.

Any other locations outside of Toronto I wouldn't even consider, but I seem to have some romantic leanings towards Georgetown because of fond memories there.

I manage to find a copy of a rendering for Weavers Mill. The opening is on November 13th.

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