Friday, May 07, 2021

How to Invest in French Alps Properties

Let's pretend for a moment you have a lot of money that you want to invest in real estate. Well, you could invest it in Canada - specifically cities like Toronto and Vancouver where real estate prices are skyrocketing at breakneck speed, but are also dangerously into bubble territory.

It is basically a high risk, high reward situation when you invest in real estate in Toronto or Vancouver. Prices are going up quickly, but when that bubble bursts a lot of investors are going to lose most of their investment. And do you really want to be doing that during a pandemic when the economic future of Canada is uncertain?

What you need is an alternative that is a safer bet - more stable - with guaranteed year over year higher valuations, but with less risk involved.

So what you want to be thinking about is luxury properties in places that are desirable.

Enter the French Alps. Or any of the Alps for that matter. The French, the Swiss, the Italian. That whole region is ripe for investment, and because the types of properties that are available there are ski resorts and chalets, you can basically guarantee that they will continue to be desirable for many decades to come.

You can invest in properties near lakes, near mountains, ski resorts, prestige chalets, hotels, older properties and newer properties that are being built right now. New constructions are an excellent opportunity for investment, provided the construction company is reputable and has a solid plan for how to make a profit from the chalet or ski resort or whatever it is they are building.

You can even buy a home in the French Alps and use it for vacationing in France, and sell it ten years from now for a tidy profit. And when you're not using it yourself, you can rent it out so that you're earning money on the property even when you're not vacationing.

Want to invest in a French Alps property / vacation in France / rent out your property? What are you waiting for?

Or even if you're not interested in vacationing in France there are lots of other locations to consider. Any place that is a tourist location is a hot commodity these days for rentals and a smart investment as their prices only ever go up.

With the exception of Florida.

Do NOT invest in Florida.

Any place like Florida which will be flooded in the next 30 years due to rising sea levels is a bad investment. Don't invest in any location that is in a flood plain unless you're willing to get flood insurance for the entire time.

But the good news is that the Alps and various mountain resort regions don't really have flood issues. What they need to worry about is avalanches, mud slides, etc. So when doing your research you should also check how many avalanches were in the area during the past 100 years and how much property damage there was. (And what the price of avalanche insurance is.)

Remember! Always get insurance to protect your investment!

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