Sunday, January 29, 2017

Boulder House

This is so kewl we should definitely build more homes like this. Unfortunately boulders conveniently placed like that and huge are pretty rare.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Project Gridless - Off Grid Home and Other Topics...

Project GridlessA few years ago (Oh wow, that was April 2011. Time flies...) I started an offshoot website titled Project Gridless.

The goal of the new website was to primarily deal with real estate that was "off the grid". Cabins up north, farms that use solar and wind power, etc. As part of that initial idea I also included a variety of posts on various topics connected to the lifestyle of living off the grid.

Topics such as Archery, Bow Making and a Homemade Crossbow that I made dealt with my avid interest in archery and by relation, Hunting Food Off The Grid. Over time I even got into Compound Bow Repairs.

But hunting isn't the only way to get food, so I also explored issues like Farming, Gardening, Fishing Off the Grid, Trapping, and of course Cooking Tips. I even added posts about Veganism for those people who don't like eating meat.

For those people who really love animals I also wrote about Animals / Pets and Falconry. (Sometime I really should do some posts about birdwatching too.)

Because it was still a real estate website many of my posts dealt with things people needed around their home. Thus I wrote about solar, wind, hydro and other ways of getting Electricity Off The Grid. And because this is Canada and we have hot summers and cold winters, I also had posts about Heating and Cooling. And Green Homes / Sustainable Architecture for those people obsessed with the environment. And "modern necessities" like how to get Off The Grid Internet and plumbing, aka Water and Sewer Off The Grid.

For the preppers / survivalists out there I wrote posts about:
But it still was not enough. I also had topics such as:
In April 2017 it will be 6 years since I started Project Gridless and there is still is so much to do. It is an expansive topic that goes beyond real estate and into the realms of being self sufficient, providing your own food, your own heat sources, your own entertainment, and all of your necessities.

My efforts have not been in a vacuum either. Project Gridless is now twice as popular than MSfaH.

Therefore I am putting the call out for more bloggers to join me.

Join Project Gridless and write about the off grid topics that most capture your interest.

To join email charlesmoffat{atsymbol}

Once you have joined you can post on the above topics to your heart's content, knowing that you are posting to an already popular and successful blog that is currently read by 5000+ people per month.

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