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The Hypothetical List of 17 Trades to get a Condo

In one of the blog posts for My Quest for a Condo I made the estimate that it would take 17 trades to get a condo, assuming an average 200% jump in value each time I make a trade.

However the reality of what I get for each trade and the hypothetical things I could trade for varies dramatically. For fun I have made this chart by plugging in price ranges into Toronto's Craigslist to see what it comes up with.

NOTE: The hypothetical list is real items I found for sale or trade on Craigslist. Most of them were for sale, but you never know... the owners might be willing to trade.

The Hot Wheels Car - $2
Trade Number + Value Estimate Hypothetical Trade What I actually Traded for
1st Trade - $4 Laptop DDR2 Memory Mastercraft Digital Multimeter Kit ($49.99 at Canadian Tire)
2nd Trade - $8 Inflatable Pool Retro Red Raleigh Mixte Bicycle (approx. value $150)
3rd Trade - $16 CSI Crime Scene Investigation The Board Game
4th Trade - $32 A Youth Archery Kit with 2 arrows
5th Trade - $64 An Used Table or Chair
6th Trade - $128 A Bicycle (Evidently I got this level sooner than expected.)
7th Trade - $256 American Idol tickets
8th Trade - $512 Vintage Ibanez Axstar Guitar
9th Trade - $1,024 1995 Honda Civic DX-SE
10th Trade - $2,048 Antique 4-Piece Bedroom Set
11th Trade - $4,096 16 Ft. Princecraft Pontoon Boat
12th Trade - $8,192 Porsche 924S
13th Trade - $16,384 2 bedroom trailer in Sunderland in the Kawarthas
14th Trade - $32,768 2008 Moomba Outback boat with 325 HP engine
15th Trade - $65,536 MAZDA RX7 Tokyo Drift Car
16th Trade - $131,072 2004 Beneteau 373 Sailboat
17th Trade - $262,144 2 Bedroom Condo for Sale at 265 Enfield Place (priced at $239,000)

The problem is that when the trades reach the bigger numbers it is probably going to slow down as per the % of increase in the value. I don't actually expect it to take 17 trades. It might take 20 to 30 trades to do it because the value might only jump up in smaller percentages in the final stages. (But for now I am 4 trades ahead of schedule in terms of value.)

ie. Lets assume it only goes up an average of 50% after reaching the $8,000 mark (trade #12).

Trade #13 - $12,000
Trade #14 - $18,000
Trade #15 - $27,000
Trade #16 - $40,500
Trade #17 - $60,750
Trade #18 - $91,125
Trade #19 - $136,688
Trade #20 - $205,031
Trade #21 - $307,546

So 21 trades is still pretty fast.

At 25% jumps after the $8000 mark it reaches $227,374 by trade #27. At 20% it reaches $212,987 by trade #30.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves here. I am still working on trade #3.

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