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About Charles Moffat

Charles Moffat is a long time Toronto resident who lives in an apartment near Bloor and Yonge. Nothing fancy.

But what he would really like is a condo either downtown or close to downtown. A place with a view to call his own.

In his spare time Charles enjoys talking about himself in the third person, blogging, writing, poetry, reading, painting, cycling, amateur boxing, archery, fixing bicycles (see his other blog The Bicycle Mechanic), sculpture and many other activities.

For work Charles designs websites for Toronto website design company and he does SEO work for various companies (including real estate). He also writes / sells books, does painting commissions for TV shows...

And for a bit of a lark he recently decided to do a pet project called MY QUEST FOR A CONDO, which you can read more about on this website.

It is a bizarre little project in which he will attempt to trade his way from a Hot Wheels car up to a condo. Can he make it? Will he fall short? Will someone eventually trade him a condo here in Toronto?

Keep in mind that the average price of a condo sold in downtown Toronto is $360,892 (as of March 2012)... so it may take a long time before he manages to do it.

But like any decent quest anything worth doing is usually difficult and hard. So he has his work cut out for him.

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