Thursday, July 16, 2020

Rental Fraud

I think it is disgusting despicable that people will take advantage of the poor and/or mentally ill in these rental fraud schemes.

It also shows that local governments are not doing their jobs properly to both police such situations, and to provide housing for the mentally ill so they don't end up in abusive situations like this.

If you are not familiar with this crime, here is what happens:

1. The criminal rents a house, often providing fake documents for their identity to make it difficult for police to later track who they are.

2. The criminal then rents out the home by pretending to be the homeowner to multiple people all at once, taking their first and last month cheques and cashing them. So for example if they rent out the home for $2000 per month, that is $4000 per each person duped. If they rent it out to 20 people all at once they could make $4000 x 20 = $80,000 for one giant fraud. They might even insist on being paid in cash, making it even easier for them to run off with the cash.

3. The people who thought they were renting the house all show up on moving day and discover that they are not the only people who was trying to rent the house, and furthermore discover that the person they were renting from was not the true owner.

The alternative to this fraud is even more heinous, it is when people rent out individual rooms in the house, for a comparatively cheap price, and then collects the pension cheques of the elderly or welfare payments for mentally ill people, effectively robbing them blind and take advantage of the fact that they are senile or ill equipped to defend themselves.

Unfortunately it is also very difficult to even find the criminal involved as they continually do these frauds, often moving from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Some might not even live in Canada, but rented the place remotely and then rented it out remotely to any people foolish enough to send cheques or cash in the mail.

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