Monday, June 29, 2020

COVID19 Fueling Gardening, Landscaping and Pools

If you're trying to hire someone to install a pool in your backyard, good luck finding someone who isn't fully booked for the rest of 2020.

Thanks to COVID19 the pool installation business is going BONKERS.

As is the landscaping of ponds...

And the gardening business...

If it involves anything to do with spending time in the backyard (including sprinklers or kids pools) chances are likely that it is sold out.

Indoor pools and expensive landscaped waterfall grottos? Yep, probably fully booked too.

Seriously if you want a landscaped waterfall grotto/pool, you might have to BUILD IT YOURSELF.

Honestly I think I would tempted to go all in with respect to making a two-in-one greenhouse / pool, that way you can enjoy swimming outdoors in the pool even during the winter. Just turn the backyard into one large enclosed greenhouse, add a pool, and voila!

Or an outdoor pool attached to an indoor pool? Why not, right?

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