Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Investing in Luxury French Real Estate

In 2020 Luxury Real Estate Markets in Paris, Singapore and Vancouver are Opportunities to Investors

In 2020 luxury real estate investors would be well advised to keep an eye on three key cities: Paris, Singapore and Vancouver. Each of these cities has a real estate market that is expected to heat up, boosted by sweeping transit upgrades, increasingly robust tech sectors, and changing political conditions in their regions that has positive signs for their local economies.

In Paris, for instance, a multi-billion-euro Grand Paris project is planned to improve transit and revamp metro stations, and anticipation of the 2024 Summer Olympic games is further helping to invite investment and development.

But the cities are not alone in this boost to the values of their luxury real estate. The tourist areas and the rich resort towns across France are also expected to see a dramatic rise in real estate values.

And one of the best regions to invest in is Provence, with its scenic lavender fields, picturesque towns, and gorgeous waterfront resorts.

As a region in the south of France on the Mediterranean Sea, Provence is uniquely situated on the border with Italy, but not so far from other tourist locations in Monaco, Switzerland, Corsica, Sardinia, Spain, Paris and more. All the benefits of being close to all the big tourist attractions in the region, plus easy access to the Mediterranean.

It is also a popular place for British people to purchase holiday lets (holiday rentals). As such there is a booming industry of British people (and expats) renting holiday homes in Provence.

Thus it makes significant sense to invest in the luxury real estate in Provence because barring some kind of catastrophe the markets are only going to go up in value. So buying property (and insurance) makes quite a bit of sense.

Provence is not alone either. The whole of south France is a hotbed for tourists and holiday rentals, and as a result the local economy is continually booming and the tourists and expats just keep coming. In the south of France, many villas are for sale and are then being rented out.

Five Tips for Real Estate Investments

  1. Do your research on the location and the property.
  2. Consider all your options, including wholesale properties.
  3. Look for tax benefits and understand how they work.
  4. Avoid borrowing money to invest unless you have collateral.
  5. If you are renting out the property aim to make at least 1% of your total investment off the rental per month. Eg. If it is 300,000 Euros then you want to be renting the place for at least 3000 Euros per month. The more premium the location the more likely you can get at least that much from a luxury investment.

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