Saturday, May 12, 2012

Real estate TV shows emphasize greed and profits

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There are 2 real estate / renovation TV shows that I do NOT recommend:

Flip This House (produced by A&E)
Flip That House (produced by the Discovery Channel)

The problem I have with these shows is that they emphasize making a profit off flipping a house (as opposed to finding a nice home in a neighbourhood you like).

I am not saying people can't make a business out of renovating houses and flipping them for a profit, but I find it disturbing that TV shows are actively promoting this idea in the USA (a country with a recovering real estate market that so recently had a market collapse / price correction).

To me it just seems... irresponsible. Like trying to sell guns in a town that recently suffered a school shooting.

Its a moral issue to me. Yes, people should look to find a nice home (and yes they should hope to eventually sell that home for a profit years later). But overemphasizing the idea of flipping houses for profit = overemphasis on greed. (And call me a traditionalist but greed is the root of all evil.)

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