Friday, June 24, 2011

No internet at the cottage? Pffff

There must be a lot of yuppies out there who think its really easy to get internet access at a cottage in the middle of nowhere.

Seriously, its in the middle of nowhere for a reason. No cellphones, no internet, there is a reason why people want these things.

A rustic off the grid cottage sounds wonderful to me. No electricity. An outhouse for your toilet. Campfires for cooking your meals... how can you possibly think of having internet in a place that doesn't even have electricity or running water?

But apparently there is some stupid *internet crazed* yuppies out there who are insisting that when they buy a cottage it has to have internet access. I think they're missing the whole point of cottages.

According to cottage experts (I didn't know there was such a thing) many buyers are now insisting on internet access... and presumably electricity and running water too. Oh, and does the the TV have cable access? We were thinking of watching movies the ENTIRE time we're at the cottage! We just love to spend a couple million on a new cottage, go off to the deep woods, and then watch movies we could have just watched at home...

“For many of us a cottage was a place our grandparents owned in a structure primarily made of wood that the family opened on May 24 weekend and closed Thanksgiving,” says Cameron Mitchell, a Collingwood-based mortgage specialist. “Families are today buying recreational properties that are for the most part utilized for all four seasons.”

According to him buyers today want all the bells and whistles, not just indoor plumbing and four season use (good luck getting in there when the roads are covered in snow and aren't plowed), but also cable and internet access. Some of the ultra luxury properties also feature pools, hot tubs, saunas, sunrooms, wine cellars, and theatre rooms – or even "safe rooms" in case of a home invasion.

“I wouldn’t want to be without hot water today, but for years I did. Times change and needs have changed over the years,” says Rick Crouch, former president of the Georgian Triangle Real Estate Board. “There are a small percentage of people willing to rough it, but they are getting fewer in number.”

Median prices of cottages have risen about 4% from a year ago, although values are still off the 2007 peak in Ontario cottage country (prices dropped approx. 30% during the recession).

Analysts say prices are still down by as much as 20% in some areas. The Ontario market has 13 separate regions with waterfront property ranging from $180,000 to the multi-millions. The lower end of the market and mid-range properties have remained balanced, with sales and pricing about the same as 2010. But its the high end stuff where the prices keep going up wildly.

Sales over the $1 million mark have jumped by about 11% in 2011 over 2010 numbers according to ReMax Ontario Atlantic Canada.

These days its all about the luxury cottages. Freaking mansions built in Muskoka and filled with electronics.

Analysts say a recovering economy and an over buoyant Bay Street financial sector in Toronto has helped to boost luxury cottage sales in Ontario.

“Well-heeled buyers had a good year with good bonuses last year and it looks like they’re rewarding themselves,” says Crouch.

Conclusions: Rich people are addicted to the internet and they don't like to rough it. What a bunch of pansies.

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