Thursday, September 09, 2010

Bank of Canada raises rates again

The Bank of Canada has raised interest rates again, the third time in 2010, up another 25 basis points from 0.75% and bringing the total to 1%.

People with variable mortgage rates or lines of credit will notice the effect immediately...

However the good news is that banks are becoming more competitive with their mortgage rates... the slumping Canadian real estate market is dragging its knuckles and looking like its going to get punched out for the count... and as a result the Canadian banks are becoming super competitive about trying to get your mortgage.

However I am worried the Bank of Canada increase of mortgage rates will just scare homebuyers even more, worsening the bursting real estate bubble that has started.

When you consider that Canada might fall into a double dip recession the Bank of Canada seems to be playing it fast and loose... and taking far too many risks in their efforts to curb spending and household debt.

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